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Learn and win big with this guide to Teen Patti

Teen Patti’s roots can be traced back in India and is one of the most popular games enjoyed by people because of its simple mechanics. It’s one of the staple forms of entertainment enjoyed during special events such as diwali. Usually, family members and friends gather in one house to enjoy this simple card game. To make this card game even more accessible to people, online casino game developers created teen patti games that can be enjoyed across mobile devices. 

Are you curious to know more? Here’s a simple guide to help you master teen patti:


Teen Patti is relatively easy to play. Here are some of the basic game rules you need to know beforehand:

Rule 1: Number of people playing the game

To begin, there will usually be 3 to 7 people playing in a game of Teen Patti.

Rule 2: Number of cards being used

Traditionally, a game of Teen Patti uses a deck that has 52 cards. Similar to most international card games, Teen Patti’s uses a card ranking system from ace to two with all the jokers removed from the deck.

Rule 3: How many cards does each player get

At the beginning of the game, each of the players will be receiving 3 faced-down cards.

Rule 4: Players agree on a minimum stake

Before betting begins, all players must agree on a certain amount of their minimum stake. Once there’s a set amount for the initial pot, it will be placed on the centre and its size will continue to increase as the round progresses.

Rule 5: Placing bets

After all the cards have been dealt, players can wager with or without seeing their cards in hand. This gives them the opportunity to choose between two actions: to be a Blind player (bettering without seeing their cards) or a Seen player (betting with full knowledge of their cards’ values). If one player is left to bet against, the player with blind cards may ask to see their own hand. 

Rule 6: Various card winning combinations 

To win a game of Teen Patti, it’s important that a player is familiarized with what kind of 3-card combinations would be the best to have. 

Below is a ranking of these combinations from highest to lowest: 

Trail – The Trail is the best card hand combination in a game of Teen Petti. This card has a hand combination that’s made up of three aces or any three cards ranked similarly. However, if you get three two-valued cards, that will be the lowest hand you can get. 

Straight Flush – This card hand combination is known for being made up of three consecutive-valued cards that are of the same suit.  

Straight – A Straight functions similarly to a Straight Flush, with the only difference being the cards don’t have to be of the same suit. 

Flush – If a player is dealt a card hand that’s a Flush, it means that they have received cards that belong to the same suit. Finally, if both of their first cards match, they will have to compare the second and then the third. However, if both players still have the same card values, their card hands will be ranked by suit, with spades first and clubs last.

Pair – A Pair card hand are two cards, with one of the cards having the higher value which will be the winner. If the first two cards are valued exactly the same, then the player’s third card will be the basis of their win. 

High Card – If the players don’t have the card combinations stated above, the sum of their current card hands will help determine if they’ve won or not. 

Rule 7: Betting or folding 

When a round starts, players will wager clockwise. Each of the players may either place a bet in the pot or fold and sacrifice the money they’ve initially placed in the pot. 

Rule 8: Placing money inside the pot 

Continuing to play a game of Teen Patti means players have to continuously pay a certain amount to the pot. For Seen players, they will have to place twice as many wagers compared to a Blind player.  

Rule 9.1: Game ending: If one player is left 

The game ends only if there is only one player left in the game. They will receive the money regardless of the value of their card hand. 

Game ending: If two players are left

If the game is placed on a stalemate between two players, one of them may choose to play for a show, expose and compare cards to determine the winner of the game. 

Teen patti strategies you should know about

If you’re new to playing Teen Patti, here are few tips to help you make the most of your wagers:

Tip 1: Bet in small amounts

To make your bankroll last, make sure to bet small and then gradually increase your bets as the game progresses. Doing this will not only help you control your spending, but can also prevent big losses. 

Tip 2: Play as many blind bets as possible

Due to the Blind bet players not seeing their cards, they have the advantage of being able to trust their cards more and not second guess themselves. What happens is, as a Blind bet player, they won’t fold as often like their Seen bet counterparts, giving them more chances of winning and lessening the pots of their sacrifice.  

Tip 5: Maximize bonuses 

For players playing online teen patti, there are bonuses offered by casinos. These perks can help players increase their chances in taking home profitable payouts. From free cash, cashbacks, and other money saving bonuses, it’s important for players to take advantage of the bonuses casinos give.   

Tip 6: Properly manage the budget

When playing a game of Teen Patti, it’s important for players that they don’t go over budget. Having a fixed financial balance whether weekly, monthly or daily can help lessen losses. 

Tip 7: When folding, continue to learn

When a player chooses to fold, they should observe how the other players make decisions. Doing this will enable the players to find patterns that they can exploit against their competitors.

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