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How live casino technology advanced throughout the years

Live casino technology continues to develop and improve online casino gaming. Players can now enjoy different advancements that make their experience more fun, accessible and seamless. But what’s more in store for you?

Dive deeper into the fascinating breakthroughs of live casino technology and how it shaped the industry into a multi-dollar success. Learn all about it when you read further!

Why the shift to live casinos started

The move to go for live casinos stemmed from the technology that is readily available in the market. Cameras are now so advanced that it almost feels like the dealer is right there in front of you. There is also a social element to it that pushes the real aspect of it because dealers can crack jokes and ask players how their days have been, just like how real casinos do it.  

Truly, the most unique feature of live casinos is the live feed experience players get to interact with which makes the games more exciting and authentic. Furthermore, the best thing about live casinos is that it mimics the thrills and ambience of a land casino because of the interactiveness. 

Why players prefer live dealer games

In online casinos, actions like shuffling cards, dealing, and betting are done using artificial intelligence to even the odds just like how land-based casinos do them. But sometimes, players don’t prefer these advancements because they want to stick to the old school way of casino gaming.

Hence, the move to a live casino took place. Dealers are recorded live to deal cards and interact with the players. Live casino technology is just getting better with 5G technology, augmented reality, and more realistic optics that make the experience livelier. 

How live casino technology works

Live casino technology is a special breed of innovation. An interesting thing about it is its integration of both man and machine in a game. There are three main rooms that live casinos operate in:

  • Live Studio room
  • Software room
  • Analyst room 

This depends on the live casino you want to play in, and sometimes their configuration may vary from the type of software they use to manage their games. Furthermore, other live casinos even showcase their own TV channel that can be played in your living room or mobile phone. 

The basic concept of live casinos is that it takes the realism of land casinos and condensing that into a monitor for gamers to enjoy at home using the internet. 

Sophisticated software systems

As live casinos become increasingly popular, there will be more strands of other games that will join in like the sports betting market and other services that will be appealing to the general public. 

Live casino technology also has a lot of components that lead to incredible advancements like 5G technology and augmented reality. These are all done to make the games feel, run, and look better. 

To operate live casino games seamlessly and efficiently, casinos employ the use of software such as the Game Control Unit (GCU). The GCU is a device responsible for the encoding of the video that is streamed online. Simply put, all live casino games are made possible with it.

Live casinos also make use of cloud technology in their games. It works by deploying a segment of the software inside a client’s device to communicate different data entry points for faster access between the servers and the casino’s main hard drive. 

This basically means a portion of data with large file sizes will be distributed to the mainframe of the casino, and when idle, be transported back to the cloud server for safe and efficient storage. 

With how robust live casino technology can be as described earlier, it’s no question that storage is an important aspect in maintaining the quality of the games and the experience of the players which matters the most at the end of the day. 

State-of-the-art camera setup 

Arguably one of the most important features that became the staple for live casinos is the cameras used. Cameras used to record live games aren’t as advanced as they are now, and gamers should rejoice because of these technologies. 

Optical camera recognition technology works by recognizing every action made at the table as it happens in real-time. This ensures that the interactions between the players and the dealers are as synchronized as possible to add an immersive in-game experience. 

Live casino technology to look forward to

There are many technologies to look out for in the coming years. They will allow live casinos to even be more interactive and convenient for gamers everywhere. Here are a few breakthroughs in casino technology that everyone is excited about:

5G Technology

It’s frustrating to play a game of baccarat only to leave the room because of a loss of connection. With the 5th generation technology, there will be a new wave of devices that will provide better speeds for internet connection. 

In fact, 5G technology now is appearing in mobile phones, laptops, and other devices that require internet usage. This is a great time to be an online player of live casinos knowing that you’ll never get interrupted while gaming ever again. 

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes CGI (computer-generated image) on someone’s view in real life. There are intricate methods in making this possible, and there have been many iterations of this technology for quite some time.

Although augmented reality has already seen its breakthrough in recent years, it’s even developed more to further the interactivity of live casinos to mimic the feel and thrills of being inside a land casino. 

Augmented reality already existed in video game technology in the past. But now, its technology can revolutionise the way live casinos are played in the visuals department. 

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