Score the jackpot in Teen Patti at CasinoDays Live!

Casino Days Live brings you one of the most-anticipated games of all time, the Teen Patti. Known for its easy game mechanics, players love this game because of its high odds and chance to accumulate large payouts. If you’re familiar with poker’s mechanics, then this game would be easy for you. 

Teen Patti originated from India until it spread throughout Asia and is currently recognized as one of the most popular card games in the world. It came from the word ‘three cards’ which also signifies the mechanics of the game while other parts of the world know it as ‘flush’ or ‘flash’.

Additionally, it is also included in the list of games with the highest RTP or also called as the return-to-player percentage. In simpler terms, Teen Patti is India’s own rendition of the famous poker game. As mentioned before, the mechanics of this game is easy. Players just need three cards to form a hand and whoever has the highest number of cards receives the payout! Want to know more about the game? Check the detailed description below!

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How to play Teen Patti

Worry no more because you don’t have to go to land-based casinos anymore just to enjoy your favourite game. With Casino Days Live, you can enjoy a variety of games in just one sitting—and that includes Teen Patti. 

Introduction to the game

Teen Patti is played in a 52-card standard deck between 3-6 players and may vary depending on the allowed seats of your chosen game provider. The minimum stake has already been decided before the game starts and is called the ‘current stake’. The players are required to increase the amount of the pot until the game ends and those who can stay until the last round have more chances to bag the jackpot prize.

Even if Teen Patti was derived from Poker, the difference between them is based on how much the players can bet in the game. In Poker, players are free to choose how much they can wager. However, in Teen Patti, all players are required to place equal bets. Meaning, if the second player placed 8 coins then the first player who wagered 4 coins will have to double his bet to proceed with the game.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can play Teen Patti online:

  1. The live dealer will deal three face-down cards to each player in a clockwise manner. All participants are allowed to wager within the given betting time. From here, they can choose whether to play as blind or seen. The blind players are those who cannot peak at their cards and are required to put additional bets not more than the ‘current stake’. 

Meanwhile, the seen players must place bets twice but not more than four times the blind player’s stake. All blind players will become a seen player once the round ends and need to place bets in accordance to the mechanics of Teen Patti. Additionally, if the player before you is also a seen player, you have to compare your cards with him or also called ‘Chaal’ in India. Meaning, you need to place bets twice the stake of the blind player’s.

  1. Once you have chosen which side you’d like to bet on, you must wager in accordance with the mechanics of blind or seen as stated above. 
  2. After all bets are collected, players have an option to ‘Call’ or ‘Raise’ their bets. This will determine if you will win or lose the round. If you choose ‘Call’, it means you’re ready to proceed with the game without raising your bets while the ‘Raise’ means you will put additional cash in the pot. 
  3. Players can also select the ‘Fold’ option which allows you to drop out the betting round and lose all money you have wagered in the pot. 
  4. This betting process happens throughout the game until all players have folded and only one player remains or two players are left for a show. The two remaining players will have to expose and compare their cards and whoever has the highest hand wins all the money in the pot.

    However, playing show also requires you to place additional bets. Blind players must wager the minimum stake while seen players need to double their bets. Additionally, if you are a seen player but the other player is blind, you’re not allowed to demand for a show round. All you can do is place more bets or permanently drop out from the game.

On the other hand, if both remaining players are seen, each of you can ask the other for a compromise or also called as a sideshow. If the other player accepted your proposal, you can compare your cards privately and whoever has the lower ranking cards can immediately fold. However, if not accepted, the betting continues.

Winning in Teen Patti is easy. All you need to do is beat the dealer’s and player’s hand to win the huge jackpot prize. Since all players have the opportunity to ‘Raise’ their bets, the pot continues to grow during the game. This huge amount of money makes it more rewarding for the winner if he takes it all home.

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Card rankings

Once you master how the game works, the next thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the card rankings to not get lost during the game. Just like any other card games, Teen Patti also uses the same mechanics when it comes to the cards’ face value. However, Ace is considered as the highest card while the lowest is 2. Here are the card rankings from highest to lowest: 

  • Trail or Set
    • Also known as Trio, the Trail or Set is a set of three cards with the same rank. Some examples include a set of three aces or a set of three two’s.
  • Straight Run
    • Straight Run or also called as Pure Sequence/Straight Flush is a combination of three consecutive cards from the same suit. Examples are a set of 4, 5, and 6 spades while it can also be a set of 7, 8 and 9 of hearts.
  •  Normal Run
    • On the other hand, Normal Run occurs when there are three consecutive cards but not necessarily from the same suit. It can be 2, 3 and 4 but two of them are spades while the last number is club. It is also called ‘Sequence’ or ‘Run’ for short. 
  • Colour
    • The colour ranking appears when you have three cards from the same suit. It doesn’t have to be consecutive as long as they are all under hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds. Examples include a set of 2, 6, and 9 hearts or a set of 4, 7, and 3 diamonds. 
  • Pair
    • Disregarding the colour or arrangement of numbers, as long as there are two cards of the same rank, it will form a Pair hand. Since Ace is the highest in Teen Patti, accumulating two As together with a King rewards you with huge winnings while the lowest is two 2s partnered with a 3 of any card suit.
  • High Card
    • This combination doesn’t necessarily have to be cards in the same suit or formed in a consecutive manner, the High Card occurs when there is a high card within the three dealt cards such as Ace (A), King (K), Jack (J), Queen (Q) and 10. Some of the highest high cards include A, K, 10, and  A, K, J while the lowest is 5, 3 and 2.
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Tips on how to win in Teen Patti

Bagging the jackpot prize is everyone’s dream. With Casino Days Live’s Teen Patti, you can now fulfil it in just one shot. May the odds be ever in your favour and let you accumulate the huge jackpot today! Here are some tips to help you ace the game:

Wager small bets first

Although you have the capacity to wager a large amount, it’s better to place small bets first before you proceed with big ones. This can limit your losses and will have enough balance to stay until the end of the game. Remember, winning in Teen Patti depends on whoever stays in the end. If you want to remain in the game, then better place bets wisely while following the required bets per round. 

Never give a hint about your cards

Giving a hint about your cards lies in your tactics whether you’re easy to fold or not. Even if you’re confident with your cards, the best way to keep them confidential is to not wager first and wait for other players to do so. Additionally, be careful to not fold immediately because this can be an indicator for others about the cards you hold. Don’t let them read you. Instead, play wisely and place bets accordingly.

Read other players’ move

One of the most important tips you should consider when playing Teen Patti is to read them but never let them read you. Learn their tactics and how they place bets. There are other players you will encounter that play in accordance with their emotions. These types of players are the ones that are easy to ‘fold’. Take advantage of them by playing wisely. Observe and study their behaviours so you’ll know what to do. 

Keep your eyes and ears open

Even if you’re playing Teen Patti in a land-based casino or online, the best tip we can give is to keep your eyes and ears open. Some players are conversing on the live chat feature while others who play in person secretly grunt when they see their losing cards. This will help you determine which among them have bad or good cards.

Practice playing the game

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, practice makes perfect. Make sure to understand the mechanics of the game, odds and other necessities needed before you start wagering real money. There are lots of available games here in Casino Days Live that can help you with card games so try to comprehend them first before you proceed with the real battle of money.

There are also options in Teen Patti that allows you to play with free chips. Take advantage of this and hone your skills in no time. Even if you need to dedicate your whole day for this game, then do so. This can help you master the mechanics and determine what to do in case other players try to outsmart you. 

Play blind

Staying on the blind side gives you lots of benefits. Since blind players are required to place bets not more than the ‘current stake’, this can give you an edge over the seen players. You can also experience the thrill of guessing your cards and other players’. If you’re a beginner, it’s better to keep in mind the first tip we gave you because it can save you during the game. Never let your emotions control you and place more bets than you should have because this allows other players to read your move. 

Ask for a compromise

In case both of you remain in the game, one of the most important tactics you can do is to ask for a compromise or also called a ‘sideshow’. Instead of placing more bets to play the ‘show’, this will allow you both to determine who has the losing cards and will eventually fold. By this, you can save money and end the game immediately. 

Try different variations 

Before you proceed with the real game, the best way to win is to practice. Playing different variations will allow you to determine your wrong move and better them on the next try. There are a broad range of Teen Patti variations available here at Casino Days Live. Some of the variations include Mufliss, 999, Sudden Death and more. Try them and take home all the money in the pot!

Know when to ‘Fold’

This tip may be contrary to the overall idea of this section. However, knowing when to quit the game can save you a large amount of money and leverage your time elsewhere. You’re just being wise enough to know when to ‘Fold’ because the game isn’t going the way you want. You can try the next day because the odds may be in your favour by then.

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