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Compared to other casino games, slot machines offer a kind of thrill unlike any other. There’s nothing quite like matching three Lucky Sevens in a row after countless spins. Experience the excitement of snatching jackpots without leaving your comfort zone with online slot games. 

With Casino Days Live, fast and easy entertainment is right at your fingertips. You can access all of our outstanding slot games wherever you are and whenever you want! Learn about what makes slots so irresistible and everything else about them here. Once you’ve found the perfect game for you, head straight to our slots catalogue and play online slot games!

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What are slot games 

Unlike table games where all you see are cards, chips and green felt tables, slot machines offer a fresh perspective with its variety of themes and concepts. It lets you enter countless worlds of fun and excitement with the added thrill of possibly winning a jackpot big enough to make you cheer!

When entering a live casino, you’ll immediately see people lined in rows and sitting in front of slot machines. It’s definitely one of the most sought-after games in a casino. With its easy gameplay and cheap buy-in, who wouldn’t want to try it? Anyone would be able to play a slot without needing prior training or knowledge on rules. It’s the perfect game for beginners looking for a way to enter the casino but are feeling intimidated by the cards and chips.

Aside from its accessibility, slot games also offer a wide selection of bonuses, themes and prizes. This makes it alluring for people looking for a more colourful and vivid escape. All in all, slot games are hard to resist with their rewarding bonuses, captivating animations and simple gameplay.

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The dawn of online slot games

It used to be that to play slot games, you had to go to the nearest land casino in your area so you could pull the lever of slot machines for the reels to spin. It will cost you hours and lots of money before you can even sit in front of the machine. Fortunately, modern technology has made it possible for everyone to play casino games without leaving the comfort of your home.

Now, you’ll find online casinos wherever you are and play without hassle. You won’t even have to withdraw money! All you need to do is open your mobile device, create an account and connect your preferred payment medium so you can start playing. Playing casino games has never been easier.

With the rise of online casinos came the increasing popularity of slot games. Now that slots can be played on any mobile device with an Internet connection, it has become even more accessible to the general public. 

As time passed and technology improved, the online gaming industry expanded and more companies ventured into the novel business. Gaming providers further developed the online slot games they create, making them better, more cinematic and immersive than ever before. 

With the industry’s steady growth, leading companies had to come up with innovative ways to keep up. That’s why novel features are invented to excite new players and keep the attention and interest of experienced players.

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Play slot games

Whether you’re playing online or inside land casinos, the goal in slot games remains the same: to land matching symbols on a payline across the reels. Classic slots normally have 3 reels, 9 cells and 5 paylines that are in vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. Cutting across the reels, these paylines are invisible to the eye, but once you land matching symbols, the game will highlight the payline and show you what you’ve won.

Nowadays, video slots are the more popular type of online slots. Compared to the classic variants, they have more reels, paylines and special features that give the players multiple chances to increase their winning potential. Coupled with several exclusive features to try, players won’t get bored as they keep on spinning the reels.

Immersive and designed with impressive visual designs, the graphic design of video slots are also worth taking note of. Some gaming developers utilize 3D animations, intriguing storylines and characters that appear on their own series of slots. They keep players on their toes and always on the lookout for the next great slot.

The best thing about slot games

Gameplay aside, what really matters when it comes to slot games are the jackpots. Different games offer a wide range of prizes you can win, and it largely depends on how much your bet is. The higher your bet is, the bigger the prizes you can get. Some prefer starting their games by betting low and slowly increasing the size as they become more familiar with the game.

Some slots offer progressive jackpot pools where the bets of players are pooled together to make a larger jackpot prize. Among the hundreds of progressive jackpot slots, Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is the most popular one. It has made several players into millionaires with the record set at USD$21 million.

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When you open a slot game, the reels are the first thing that will greet you. These are the columns that spin and display the random set of symbols that will determine whether you won something or not. 

In classic slot machines, the typical number of reels is 3×3, but in online slots, the reels usually come in a 5×4 format. Others go beyond 5 reels and expand up to 8 or even more. These types of reels usually offer special features such as cascades where winning symbols are removed to give room for new symbols and a different kind of payline system.


To delve deeper into the whole slot games business, we need to go back to the basics and uncover what makes slot games work. 

Paylines are what makes players winners. To score instant prizes, you need to land matching symbols across any of the game’s number of paylines either from left to right, vice versa or both ways.

Every slot game has its own number of paylines that can range from as few as one to as many as hundreds. The bigger the reels, the more paylines there are, and lots of paylines mean more chances of winning with every spin.

Through the years, there have been plenty of innovations for slots and this includes paylines. Aside from lines across the reels, there are now new ways to score wins while playing slot games. Some of the most popular payment systems include Betways and Cluster Pays. 

In Betways, you don’t necessarily have to land matching symbols on a payline starting from the leftmost reel to the right. As long as you land matching symbols on adjacent reels, even if their positions are far from each other, you will score a prize. With thousands of possible ways to win, slots that use the Betways system can have more than 100 thousand ways to win.

Another new way of winning in slot games is through Cluster Pays. This is similar to Betways, but instead of landing matching symbols on adjacent reels, in Cluster Pays, you need to land symbols of the same kind on adjacent positions. They should connect and form a cluster together. 

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Regular symbols 

Symbols are the icons you see on the reels. To win, you need to match these icons with their own kind according to the payline or payment system. There are always two groups of symbols in a modern video slot game, low-paying and high-paying. Card suit symbols (Jack, Queen, King and Ace) usually appear as the low-paying symbols while a variety of icons can be used as the high-paying ones.

Among the most iconic slot symbols, the most recognizable are the plump cherries, golden bells and of course, the red Lucky Seven symbol. You can still find these symbols on classic-themed slots.

Today, each slot can use a variety of symbols depending on its theme and concepts. The sky’s the limit when it comes to slot symbols. Additionally, some sports-themed slots feature famous athletes while satirical slots include caricature portraits of world leaders as their highest-paying symbols. 

Special symbols

With the advancement of casino technology and developments in the online gaming sector, new special symbols are introduced to create a better and more rewarding gaming experience for the players. In almost every video slot you’ll encounter, you can find Wilds, Scatters and Multiplier symbols that give you an advantage in every spin.

A Wild symbol substitutes all other symbols in the game, usually excluding the other special symbols. With this symbol, you can land more wins even without landing the same symbols on a payline.

The Scatter, on the other hand, is the symbol that activates the game’s bonus features. You usually need at least 3 Scatter symbols appearing anywhere or on specific reels to activate a special feature. 

Lastly, there’s the Multiplier symbol which acts as a Wild in that it also substitutes for symbols but to make it even better, it multiplies a win depending on the multiplier value it carries. Multipliers usually have a 2x and above value. They can even reach as high as 30x in some special slots. To make your gaming experience much more exciting and rewarding, these symbols can help you score impressive wins and unlock features in every spin.

Special features 

The excitement only begins with special symbols. To bring your experience to the next level, slot games offer a variety of special features that will keep you on your toes while spinning again and again. Among these bonuses, some of the most well-known features are free spins, pick and click bonus, and gambler feature. 

The Free Spins feature lets you play a certain number of spins without spending a dime. Typically, this can be unlocked after landing 3 or more Scatter symbols on any position on the reels. Other slots make it even better by putting additional features during free spins such as multipliers or a variety of Wild reels.

If you want to take home instant prizes, then the Pick and Click bonus is the perfect bonus for you. This special feature lets you choose among items that usually reveal instant cash prizes.

The gambler feature gives you a chance to increase your payout by twice or even four times its value. All you need to do is guess the colour or suit of the next drawn card. Most slots offer this feature and even most simple classic-themed slots have this, allowing you to receive more than your initial prize.

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How to play slots: a step-by-step guide

To begin playing online slot games, you need to pick which game to play first. Once it’s done loading, you’ll see the reels with the symbols and the game buttons at the lower portion of the screen. 

Before playing the game, you need to set your bet first. Check the button with the money symbol; it is usually the button reserved for adjusting your bet. Read through the slot’s rules and special features by clicking the paytable button. Here, you’ll find how much each symbol can reward you, the special symbols to look out for, and the bonus features you should aim to unlock.

In some games, you can set the number of active paylines so you can play for a cheaper price. Though this lets you play with a smaller bet size, reducing the number of active paylines decreases your chances of scoring wins. If you want to go all-in and get the chance to score the jackpot, you can click the Max bet button.

Once all these are set, you can now start playing! Click the start button and watch as the reels spin, stop and reveal the symbols. Try and try again until you unlock a feature or score a high win!

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