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Can you win the lottery using the Stefan Mandel algorithm?

Winning the lottery may seem easy at first because all you need is to mark a sheet of paper and hope the numbers you choose will get selected, but striking luck in this game is harder than it looks. However, did you know that there’s one person who won the lottery 14 times?

Although he may not have won the biggest jackpot, Stephen Mandel’s success over thirty years has caught the attention of a lot of people. Are you curious how he was able to achieve this feat? Discover everything about his theory here at Casino Days India! 

Early beginnings of the Stefan Mandel algorithm

Stefan Mandel grew up in Romania and came from an impoverished background where he was also ridiculed for being a Jew. Despite the discrimination, he managed to put things together and was able to graduate as an economist. At the time, the lottery was already a popular form of entertainment and Mandel was thinking of ways to steer the odds to his advantage.

He decided to compute the probabilities of winning the lottery. In doing so, he realised that it would be difficult and expensive to aim for the first prize, which pushed him to focus on the second. From there, he convinced two of his friends to invest in his theory of buying as many lottery tickets as possible. 

At the moment of the prize announcement, Mandel struck gold and won the first prize which is worth 72,783 Leu. He used this money to buy himself and his family tickets to Australia and migrate there to avoid the harsh reality in Romania. Ever since he moved to Australia, Mandel continued to use his algorithm and decided to buy a lot of printers, which made it possible for him to win 14 times. 

The Stefan Mandel algorithm: How does it work?

Mandel did not win by guessing a set of numbers just to win big in the lottery. Instead, he calculated the number of probabilities of winning the prizes. From there, he lessened his odds of losing by buying as many lottery tickets as his funds could afford. 

If you want to learn more about how the algorithm works, here is a guide to help you understand:

  1. Calculate all possible combinations

The first thing you need to do is to calculate all the possible number combinations in the lottery. You need to have 6 digits ranging from 1 to 40. Getting the probability of that will give you 3,838,380 combinations. 

  1. Find jackpots that are three times the total combinations

Next, you need to find jackpots three times worth the total number of combinations. This is an important step because you need to assure that you can get a profit after spending a lot of money buying tickets. In other words, you need to ensure you have enough profit that will return to you.

  1. Raise enough money to pay for each ticket

A single ticket is cheap, but buying almost three million tickets can cost you a fortune. To lessen the burden, it is best to find ways on raising money for this venture. You can invite investors to place their money in this algorithm and persuade them that they will have great returns upon winning the jackpot.

  1. Print out the combinations

Once you have found a way to raise enough money to buy the tickets, make sure to print out all the combinations. Afterwards,  you need to see to it that all kinds of combinations are present in your computation.

  1. Deliver the combinations to the official lottery dealers

Prepare your list of combinations before you head out to the official lottery dealers. Upon arriving, make sure to register for each combination and pay the required amount to secure a slot. From there, all you have to do is wait for the announcement of the winners.

  1. Pay back those who participated

When one of your tickets is called, collect the jackpot and pay back those who have helped you in raising funds for the tickets. 

In some countries, lottery officials ensure that buying more tickets will exceed the jackpot value. On the other hand, printing a lot of tickets is considered to be illegal. Both have discouraged lots of lotteries enthusiasts from doing the Stefan Mandel algorithm

Applying the Stefan Mandel algorithm to casino games

While the Stefan Mandel algorithm is discouraged in the actual lottery, you can still use it in casino games! 

Titles such as Mega Ball, Crazy Time, Monopoly Live and Sweet Candyland Bonanza are the titles where you can try your hand at this technique. These games allow you to place a lot of bets in one go, which can increase your chances of winning. Additionally, it is up to you if you want to place small or big denominations, depending on your risk tolerance.

Stefan Mandel Algorithm: Does it work?

Depending on how you’ll use it, the Stefan Mandel Algorithm proves to be effective, especially when employed correctly. However, you should also consider using this technique with a grain of salt since the lottery is still a game chance. Additionally, before using it, make sure you understand the concept and do your research well to avoid experiencing bigger losses. 

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