Beat the banker when you play Deal or No Deal

Grab the opportunity to participate in one of the most thrilling games when you play Deal or No Deal! Based on the popular Danish game show, Evolution provides you with the chance to test your luck in a live studio setting built just like the worldwide hit game show at the comforts of your home. 

Expect a spectacularly realistic studio setup, fun hosts and immersive gameplay that will keep you at the edge of your seat as you try to beat the banker. 

Basics of Deal or No Deal

Just like how you’d expect the popular game show to be, Deal or No Deal live is here to provide you with a fun time where you can get the chance to win a massive prize. In this live dealer game, the goal is to guess if the prize inside the final briefcase is greater than the banker’s offer. 

What makes this live variation unique is it allows you to choose the amount of money you want to put inside the briefcases. The higher your bet size, the bigger the prizes you can obtain. 

Here’s how the game is played:

  1. When you enter Deal or No Deal, you’ll be presented with a giant wheel that consists of 3 separate rings. These rings have to line up when you spin them so you can qualify for the game. 
  2. You’re allowed to purchase two rings if you don’t want to go through the hassle of spinning the wheel. There’s a time limit for the qualification round, so you’ll have to wait for the next round to try and be qualified. You’ll move up to the next round of gameplay if you manage to land all three gold segments on the wheel.
  3. Every spin raises the amount of money in the most valuable briefcase, which can range from 75x to 100x your wager. The briefcases are numbered 1 to 16 and are located on the left and right sides of the wheel. The first eight briefcases are on the left and are designated as blue cases, while the remaining cases, numbered 9 to 16, are designated as red cases.
  4. With each spin, click on the briefcase you wish to wager on to raise their prize.
  5. After qualifying, you’ll proceed to the Top Up Round. During this round, the Top Up wheel features values ranging from 5x to 50x your wager. Wherever the wheel stops, it will be added to the prize in the briefcase that you’ve chosen, providing you with the opportunity to increase the amount of the original value.
  6. For the Game Show Round, 4 briefcases will be opened one by one with the banker making an offer after opening each briefcase. The prize of the opened briefcases will be removed from the list of winnable prizes. 
  7. Three briefcases will be opened at the first round and the banker will make an offer to you. You have the option of accepting the offer or moving on to the next round. If you don’t make a decision within the time limit, it will automatically be considered as ‘No Deal’.
  8. For the second round of offering, 4 briefcases will be opened and the banker will make another offer to you. During the third round, another 4 briefcases will be opened and the banker will make his offer again. 
  9. During the last round, you will be left with 2 unopened briefcases and the banker will make an offer where you have the option to answer with ‘Deal’, ‘No Deal’ or ‘Switch Briefcases’.
  10. If you choose ‘Deal’, you’ll receive the amount offered by the banker. When you choose ‘No Deal’, you’ll receive the amount in the briefcase you’ve chosen. Meanwhile, if you choose ‘Switch Briefcases’, it means that your briefcase has a lesser amount than the other briefcases. 
  11. One of the two unopened briefcases will be opened during the last opening round. The prize you’ll receive will depend on your final decision.

Deal or No Deal strategy     

Try your luck and win massive rewards in Deal or No Deal when you follow these strategies:

Think carefully before accepting the offer

Remember that you have no control over how the game will play out and the briefcases that will be removed. However, you do have control over your decision. Before accepting the banker’s offer, think it through and follow your instincts. Although there’s a time limit when deciding, try to think about it as the game progresses before the round of offering begins. 

Accept the offer if there are many high-value prizes

If the number of high-value prizes on the screen outnumbers the low-value prizes, a lot of experienced players suggest accepting the banker’s deal. You might not agree on this, but the banker will always offer higher amounts since he’s preventing you from winning the biggest amounts. 

Bet as high as you can

One factor you’re in control of is the size of the monetary prizes. Keep in mind that the higher you bet in the qualifying rounds, the bigger the prizes inside the briefcases. If you want to increase the odds of winning big, bet higher amounts but make sure to only bet within your limits. 

Utilize game modes

There are no guarantees that you will be qualified and you could lose your money fast, but that doesn’t mean you should give up easily. If you want to have a higher probability of getting qualified, you can utilize the game modes before starting. 

During the ‘Easy’ mode, one of the segments will be aligned but your bet size will be increased 3x. Meanwhile, in the ‘Very Easy’ mode, two gold segments will be aligned but increase your bet size 9x. 

It’s up to you how you want to get into the main game. What’s important is you have the budget to cost your bet size.

List how much money you’ll put into the qualifying rounds 

Keep track of your wagers during the qualification round so you can balance your bankroll. You can rapidly count how much you’ve risked by using a simple tally system under each stake amount.

Avoid putting high amounts during Top Up

Don’t overfill the briefcases with cash. Since it is impossible to predict which briefcases will be eliminated, it’s best to invest enough money in them.

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