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Boost your odds of winning with Stefan Mandel’s algorithm

The lottery is one of the oldest forms of gambling and is still played by punters and numerous people who want to try their luck at getting the jackpot without employing complex strategies. One technique proven effective in a game of chance such as the lottery is the Stefan Mandel algorithm.

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Stefan Mandel: The man behind the algorithm 

Stefan Mandel is a Romanian-Australian economist who was able to hack the lottery system 14 times during the 1960s and 1980s. It all started when he was living in Romania when it was under communist rule. His salary back then was only US$88, and he needed to earn more to provide for his family. 

With hopes to win and make more money, he joined the lottery and tried his luck. However, he needed to have an edge against players, so he came up with a formula that could lead him to win big prizes.              

Mandel tested his plan with his friends where he earned roughly US$19,300, enough to pay government authorities to allow him to leave the country and start a new life in the West. Stefan Mandel substantially benefited from the introduction of computers in the 1980s. Instead of manually filling out the tickets, he could let the machines do the job.

Following his arrival in the United States, he kept a lookout for winning opportunities that met his criteria. Mandel won more than US$400,000 in other games and 12 jackpots in the 1980s, but Mandel’s biggest hack was yet to come.  

In 1992, he won the biggest prize amounting to US$27 million by joining the Virginia State Lottery. He caught the media’s attention and even the authorities. Still, charges were not made against him since they later figured out that there was no cheating involved, and he was just calculating possible combinations. 

How the Stefan Mandel lottery algorithm works

In contrast to other lotto systems that focus more on numbers, the Stefan Mandel algorithm is not concerned with finding the right denominations. Instead, it aims to delay your participation until the jackpot exceeds the sum of all potential combinations. 

The Stefan Mandel formula requires purchasing lottery tickets in bulk and printing them at home. However, this is considered unlawful in several countries, such as the United States and Australia. Fortunately, you may continue to study this technique to give some tips and tricks to win big. Check out the six steps you can follow below: 

Compute all possible combinations 

The first step is to determine how many different combinations there are to choose from. To play the lottery, you must select six numbers from 1 to 40, which can produce at least 3,838,380 potential combinations. 

Find jackpots three times the number of possible combinations

A pivotal step in maximising your gains is to check for three times as many possible outcomes in a lottery jackpot reward. A US$10 million jackpot would be a decent starting point. However, all winning combinations and any associated taxes must be considered.

Raise enough cash to pay for each combination

The third step can be the most challenging part since you need to come up with the money to pay for each combination. Suppose one ticket costs US$1; that’ll be 3,838,380 combinations amounting to US$3,838,380. Even if you have enough savings to fund this type of strategy, it is still not recommended since that can put you in a risky situation if the situation goes south. 

This is why Mandel found over 274 investors who will fund his big win in 1992. He was able to take home a whopping US$15 million and used the remainder to pay for the expenses and investors. 

Print tickets for each combination

To be able to bet on every single combination, you need to print as many tickets as possible for each combination. 

In Mandel’s case, he figured that he only needed US$7.1 million to print all the tickets he needed. Therefore, he purchased 30 printers and 12 computers that would allow him to print and fill the tickets. This plan was so successful that he was able to win the jackpot and even score another million due to hundreds of minor prizes.

Even though this is not allowed in most states, you can still follow Stefan Mandel’s formula by buying a massive amount of tickets in the lottery. Keep in mind that having more tickets can increase the odds of winning. 

Deliver the tickets to authorised lottery dealers

Following the creation of millions of tickets, the next step is to give the tickets, together with payment for a slot, to any authorised lottery dealers to participate in the drawing. Wait for the result of the tickets. 

Win the jackpot, and don’t forget to pay your investors

After winning the jackpot prize, it’s now time to pay your dues. So if you borrowed money to join the lottery, it’s best to pay in time taxes and avoid high-interest rates. 

What Mandel did is an excellent example since he always ensured that it was the investor’s money he was spending and not his, allowing him to be flexible in his finances and win the lottery. 

Win big when you play lottery games!

While there’s no sure-fire way to win the lottery, these nifty tips and tricks can help you further improve your chances of taking home massive prizes. Just keep in mind that while helpful, these techniques won’t guarantee instant success, so always proceed with caution, especially if you’re going to invest money. Meanwhile, try your luck now with exciting lottery games here at Casinodays! 

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