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Smart contracts: Its definition and how it works

As the technology field continues to grow, it opens doors to innovations that make people’s lives easier. A great example of this is smart contracts, which are digital agreements that are immediately implemented at the discretion of involved parties. It’s now a popular method used in many industries like cryptocurrency and healthcare. 

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Smart contracts definition

Smart contracts refer to a self-executing agreement between two parties where all terms and conditions are created through the lines of code. It’s a program stored on the blockchain that immediately starts and completes the process necessary for the transaction. These were created to remove the need for intermediaries for more seamless and efficient transactions.

How did it begin?

In 1994, the first idea of smart contracts was introduced by legal scholar and known cryptographer Nick Szabo. He was an American computer scientist who also established the foundation of digital currency. Unfortunately, his creations at that time did not gain the interest they deserved given the lack of digital platforms and an efficient distributed ledger network.

However, things changed when the mysterious figure Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin (BTC) and showcased the groundbreaking blockchain technology in 2008. This paved the way for decentralized finance (DeFi) to thrive and explore possibilities. Subsequently, the changes in the blockchain system and the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies made the use of smart contracts flourish.

As a result, smart contracts are now utilised across various platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger. Moreover, it’s employed in different industries including the cryptocurrency sphere and retail businesses.

How they work in the blockchain

Smart contracts can work in the blockchain in two ways. Take a look at how each one works when you browse through the details about them below:

First step: Drafting

It starts with an ‘if/when and then’ statement that is drafted into code on the blockchain. Then, the different terms and conditions are then listed in this certain agreement which should satisfy both parties. To do this, both sides should first decide how they want the data to be presented in the blockchain. This includes noting down all the possible exceptions to the contract in case any disputes arise.

Second step: Verification

Once the initial steps are done, the contract is made by a developer. Then the data is verified. Afterwards, a network of computers executes all the necessary tasks for the transaction. This includes releasing funds to the designated parties and giving updates to all involved participants.

It’s important to note that once the transactions are complete and added to the blockchain, they cannot be changed and only the involved parties can see all the details and results about it.

Why you should use smart contracts

As the digital technology field continues to grow, it’s a good idea to use smart contracts for various kinds of transactions for the following reasons:

It’s fast and efficient

Compared to other types of options, using smart contracts takes the least amount of time and effort on your end. It’s a digital and automated agreement that immediately performs the necessary tasks once all conditions are met. Moreover, it does not require any paperwork or long hours of checking to complete the transaction. Hence, it’s a great choice for those who want to have a quick and efficient transaction process.

It’s transparent

All participants involved in the transaction using a smart contract are well aware of all the details about it from start to finish. The information is shared among those involved so there is no room for doubts if anyone could change anything about the agreement for their benefit.

It’s safe and secure

Since all transactions on the blockchain are encrypted, no one can view the information on your contract unless they are given access. They are also difficult to hack and tamper with because of their high-level security.

It has no intermediaries

One of the best things about smart contracts is it removes the need for intermediaries when completing transactions. Compared to traditional banks and related establishments, this saves more time and has fewer costs. Moreover, it improves the productivity of business-related transactions since this is quickly done.

Applications of smart contracts

Smart contracts make it easier to finish all kinds of transactions, especially in this quick-paced world. It’s also more convenient compared to other options since it does not need a middleman, which avoids any unnecessary delays. On that note, smart contracts can be applied in many situations such as:

Cryptocurrency transactions

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies are more convenient with the use of smart contracts since it automatically completes transactions for you. This is usually employed on the Ethereum network where users can transact with others online, regardless of their location.

Medical field

Apart from the crypto sphere, smart contracts are utilised in the medical and healthcare field since it improves supply chain transparency. The transport of medications can easily be checked through this system along with the verification of various data across involved parties.


Smart contracts are great for businesses since it allows both the retailers and suppliers to know all the details about the agreement along with any possible changes in real-time. It also helps in resolving any possible conflict between two parties and shows better visibility of everything that’s happening in the supply chain. In turn, the relationship between these two will strengthen over time with more trust in one another as their productivity increases.

Borderless trade

Since smart contracts are online, this allows people to transact with anyone across the globe without worrying about their location. It’s perfect for cross border transactions since it follows a set of guidelines that’s easy and fast to complete. 

Try smart contracts today!

Once you’ve understood the definition of the smart contract, the next step is to try using them in your daily transactions. It’s a great method to help you save time and the effort of manually drafting up an agreement yourself. Moreover, it can immediately be seen by the other party in real-time. To find out more about the blockchain and smart contracts, read through all of them at Casino Days India today.

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