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Try your luck on different roulette variants

There are a variety of games you can play in a casino from card games like blackjack and poker to colourful slot games. Aside from these, another common game you’ll find in any casino is roulette. It’s one of the simplest and fun games to play and watch especially when you just want to relax and try your hand at a classic game.

To play roulette, place your bets on the table with different squares of varying numbers with colours red and black associated with them. You can also bet on a specific colour, number or grouping based on how the numbers are arranged on the table. The dealer then spins a wheel fixed on the table. It has pockets representing the numbers and colours on the table. 

The dealer then rolls a metal ball going in the opposite direction of the wheel. Once it stops, the ball lands on one of the pockets and the number and colour associated with it determines the winners. 

Though it may sound simple at first, other variations add twists to the game, making it more challenging and fun to play. With the rise of newer and better technology, you can even play roulette on your mobile phone, anytime and anywhere. Take a look at the different types of roulette you can play.

Traditional roulette

Traditional roulette games namely, American, European, Double Ball and French roulette are the most well-known roulette variations. Most casinos use these variations however, there are also online ones that have these types in their roster.

American roulette

American roulette is one of the most familiar variations and is considered the standard out of all versions. You’ll know it’s the American version if you see the 0 and 00 pockets on the roulette. Additionally, the order of the numbers between these two pockets are different from others, which means it can have different odds.

Most experienced players are not fond of this variation though as it gives the house or the casino a higher edge at winning. Bets on single numbers make the house edge 5.3%, which is already considered the highest among casino games, as opposed to the 2.6% that other variation without the 00 offers.

European roulette

This is the most common roulette variation you’ll find both in land-based casinos and online. It’s also more popular than other variations since it only gives the house half the edge it usually has with others, such as the American version. This is also why most experienced players suggest playing the European version of roulette. 

Aside from the 0s and the difference between the house edge, the two variations are not much different in terms of gameplay, betting and other aspects of the game. 

Double Ball roulette

One of the most unique and exciting ways to play roulette is the double ball. As the name implies, this variation has two balls rolling as the wheel spins. It first appeared in Las Vegas as an experiment by the casinos to add more excitement to the game and entice new players to play.

This variation is typically played on the European wheel. This means that it has the same odds and low house edge, making it an ideal game to play, while still doubling your chances of winning. Take note though that it’s not a roulette variation that’s available anywhere. It’s better to browse online casinos instead since they’re more likely to include this version.

French roulette

Considered as one of the best variants, French roulette has the best odds for even chance bets. An evens bet means that you’re betting for something where you’ll win or lose the same amount as the one you wagered. French roulette is considered almost the same as European roulette except for a few rules.

In French roulette, if you make an outside bet and the ball lands on 0, you still get half your wager back. This makes the odds a little better for the player since they don’t have to worry about that 0. 

There’s also another rule related to this where you’re given the choice to either take half your bet or make the same bet again. If you do the second option, you forfeit the chance to take half of your wager if you lose on the second spin.

Online roulette

Mini roulette

This variation of the roulette is made especially for online casinos. As the name suggests, it is a smaller version of the roulette in terms of the number of pockets. It only has 13 slots where six are black, six are red and the remaining one is 0. It’s a fun way to spend your time playing since it’s a quick version of the game. This presents a unique concept to gamblers who are used to the American and European variations. 

Aside from its smaller scale, the mini roulette has its own rule for 0. If you didn’t bet on it, you would only lose half of your bet if the ball landed on 0 in a spin. In regular games, you would lose all of the money you wagered if this happens. It may look like a novelty game compared to some of the other roulette variations but the mini roulette is still a fun game to play and pass the time. With enough skill and luck, you can even profit from it!

Multi-Wheel roulette

If you’re looking for more excitement while playing, you’ll surely want to try the multi-wheel roulette. Instead of wagering on one ball and wheel, you’re presented with eight wheels to bet on at once. Take note though that you’ll only be making one bet for all eight wheels and not eight separate bets. 

An interesting aspect of this roulette variation though is that you can choose which of the eight roulettes are active. This means that if you choose to activate four of them and you win all four, you will get the winnings from them at the same time.

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