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Roulette guide: inner bets and the corresponding payout

Roulette is one of the most popular table games available at casinos. It is easily distinguishable due to the roulette wheel that makes up a large part of its gameplay.

In order to maximise a game of roulette, players must understand the possible wagers that can be made through the roulette table. Thankfully, it is an incredibly easy concept to learn for beginner players.

To explain it further, there are two types of bets that can be made when playing roulette. Inside bets and outside bets. Today here at Casino Days India, the topic will focus on the different types of inside bets you can make and the corresponding payout odds.

What are inside bets?

Inside bets can be easily distinguished since they are located in the innermost part of the roulette table. Usually, it’s composed of numbers that correspond to the ones in the wheel and is arranged in three rows from 1 to 36.

What are the different types of inside bets?

Inside bets are primarily focused on guessing the specific number where the ball will land on the wheel. Here are the different bets you can encounter in a game of roulette: 

Straight-up bet

Considered the most straightforward bet you can place in roulette, a straight-up bet is simply placing a wager on a single number you think the ball will land on. 

You can place your chip directly on top of the number and wait until the wheel stops spinning. The bet pays 35 to 1.

Split Bets

A split bet in roulette happens when you place a wager between two numbers. Usually, this is only possible when your two chosen digits are adjacent to each other. Split bets pay 17 to 1.

Street Bets

Also referred to as a line bet, street bets are made when you place your bet on an entire row of numbers. 

These consist of three numbers. You can place your bet on the outside line of the row or ‘street’ you want to bet on. The payout for a street bet is 11 to 1.

Corner Bets

To bet on four numbers at the same time, you can place a corner bet. It is also called a square bet because you can only make this bet on the four numbers arranged  in a square formation

Corner bets are made by placing your chip on the corner where all four numbers converge through their respective borders. The pay for this type of bet is 8 to 1.

Basket bet

A basket bet is only available for American roulette. During such games, the table and the wheel have an additional number, ‘00’, whereas European roulette starts at ‘0’. 

A basket bet is directly betting on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. In this type of bet,  you simply wager on the outer section between the row of the two zeros and the row of 1, 2, and 3. When you win, it offers a 6 to 1 payout.

Line Bets

A line bet is made when you want to place a bet on six numbers at the same time. It is similar to a street bet where you can bet on an entire row, except line bets are made on two rows adjacent to each other.

Line bets are placed on the outside line and in between the two corners of the row you want to bet on. The bet pays 5 to 1.

Difference between inside and outside bets

Inside bets focus on the specific numbers you predict the ball will land on, whereas outside bets are focused on broader categories such as the likelihood of an odd or even number, or the column it lands on.

Additionally, the risk and payout between the two are also different. Inside bets offer a smaller chance of winning but a bigger win payout. Outside bets offer better odds but a smaller chance of winning.

Inside bet systems in roulette

Understanding the different ways to bet helps players make use of popular betting systems in roulette that many players make use of. Although it doesn’t guarantee wins, these systems are used to increase the likelihood of landing a win. Here are two of the most popular betting systems that make use of inside bets:

Pivot system

Prior to using the pivot system, players must first track which numbers between 1 to 36 comes up often. These are called ‘hot’ numbers. You list down the numbers that drop and bet on the first one that repeats until it lands you a win.

The Fibonacci system

Interchangeably called ‘nature’s code’, the Fibonacci system makes use of a number sequence that involves addition. When betting, the number you choose must be the sum of the two digits that precede it. For example, if you bet on 2 and 3 previously, the following bet should be 5. After that would be 8, then 13, and so on. 

Ready to make inside bets on roulette?

Learning about the betting system of roulette is simple and extremely beginner-friendly. This allows many players to enjoy the game without needing to do thorough research. 

For beginners, the simplest bet is a straight-up wherein you’ll simply wager on a single number. If you would opt to bet on more than one number, the other options would be more suitable. 

Overall, making inside bets is very straightforward and can be done off the bat without even reading up on it. Additionally, knowing the different types of inside bets that can be made is important to maximize your wins with lower risks involved.

It is especially useful in identifying which strategies you can apply to your gameplay. There are several betting systems that make use of inside bets such as pivot, sixpence, and law of the third. Keep in mind, however, that these strategies are only used to increase the probability of wins and not to guarantee them. 

To test your knowledge on placing an inside bet, be sure to check out roulette games available at Casino Days India. We offer many live roulette games for you to enjoy!

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