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How do live casinos work

Brick and mortar casinos are one of the best ways to entertain oneself and earn money. It enables you to play various games like poker, baccarat, slots and more. However, due to the fast track of innovation, casino games can now be played in the comfort of your home. Through this, you can gamble anytime without worrying about going out, especially during a pandemic. If you want to learn more about this, keep reading right here in Casino Days India!

What is a live casino?

With live casinos, players may speak with real-life dealers online which is more convenient for some players. The game is broadcast live on the internet from a separate studio equipped with high-quality cameras. Chat systems, which enable participants to connect, give the option to ask inquiries, talk to other players and make bets from any location.

Most online casino cards have microchips linked to sophisticated computer software. These microchips interact with the software, subsequently displaying the activity on your screen. After that, the dealer will wait for you to put your stake before starting the hand. 

Just like in a real casino, numerous individuals may sit at the same table and the dealer will then begin dealing when the bets are placed. Remember that the screen will provide all relevant information, such as your current hand count.

Characteristics of a live casino

Like brick-and-mortar casinos, the online counterpart has various characteristics that make it unique and seem like a genuine experience. Check them out below: 

  • Live dealer – What’s great about online casinos is that they make use of live dealers to supervise the game which gives you that authentic brick and mortar experience. These dealers undergo extensive training before they can work; therefore, you are ensured that they know what they’re doing and will guide you throughout the game.
  • Camera – To ensure players receive the essential components of the game, high-quality cameras are used to record every action taking place. The use of smaller cameras has been possible because of advancements in technology, which allows for more effective transmission of live video from a casino game. 
  • Game control unit –  The GCU, often known as the game control unit, is the most important aspect of a live casino. It is a shoebox-sized encoder in charge of decoding the footage broadcasted to the general public and is located in the control room. 
  • Wheel – Depending on the game being played, a wheel may be present in the live casino game. In this type of game, sensors are incorporated into the wheels which allow the casino to track the results and movements of the wheel in real-time. This makes it possible for the wheel and casino to work in harmony.
  • Monitor – Having a monitor is important for the dealer since it helps them keep track of the bets that can be placed and the ones that can be turned off. Additionally, it also allows the dealer to see messages from the players. In line with this, players and dealers may speak with one another through live chat, allowing any concerns to be handled as soon and effectively as possible.
  • Optical camera recognition technology (OCR) – OCR technology is included in live casinos to give players a comprehensive image of what is taking place in the gaming environment. 

Due to OCR, you can place bets directly from your computer screen, which collects all of your activities and translates them into data that can be used to play right on your screen. 

Benefits of live casino games

In addition to increased levels of safety and comfort, online gamblers also benefit from live casinos’ increased levels of fun and entertainment. Check out some of the other benefits below:  

  • Realistic process – A complete casino experience is now a reality thanks to the inclusion of real-time, interactive live games and realistic sound effects. It’s possible to watch a real-time feed of games with a dealer online, making it seem as if you’re in a physical casino.
  • Tournaments – To demonstrate their talents and expertise, casino players look for games that enable them to do so. Since live casino tournaments typically need a huge bankroll, you can achieve this goal because your money will become more valuable and your games will become more thrilling.
  • No dress code – You don’t have to dress up for a live casino game the way you would with land-based casinos.
  • Chat feature – Participants at live casinos may speak with one another and even make bets through the chat feature. In addition, you may get in touch or interact with dealers using this feature. 
  • Maximum detail – The naked eye can’t see everything. This is one of the reasons why many gamblers lose, they do not see the details of the game they are playing. With live casinos, every angle can be seen, every card and hand and even the information fields are visible. 

Most played live casino games

There are numerous games to be played in live casinos, and knowing these games will help you know which one can help you win massive prizes. 

  • Roulette  – This is one of the most popular games in a live casino since it’s simple to learn. It’s impossible to influence the outcome of this game because of the random results of the wheel’s spin. However, if you place your bet properly, you have a better chance of winning. 
  • Blackjack- When it comes to live casinos, blackjack is the most popular game. It’s because live blackjack allows you to sit at a traditional blackjack table and experience its exciting and fast gameplay.
  • Baccarat – Baccarat features several betting options, payouts, and varieties. It is considered one of the world’s most popular casino games with easy rules and large payouts.

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Now you know what live casino is all about, it’s time to test your knowledge and luck by playing various casino games and get the chance to win big prizes right here in Casino Days India!

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