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The different kinds of Wilds in slots and their unique features

Casino game developers continue to make things interesting because of the fun features they add to the gameplay. One of them is the Wild symbol, which can replace any symbol found on the reels. With this, players can have higher chances of landing winning combinations that can give them massive payouts.

Although the Wild symbol has great power, this cannot replace the Scatter symbol on the reels. That is because the Scatter has a different purpose, and it can vary per game. For some, you need to land at least 3 Scatters to trigger a bonus round that can give you multipliers or bonus spins!

The Wild symbol has different kinds and each one has its unique purpose. Get to know all of them as you read through this article:

Differents kinds of wilds

  1. Expanding wilds

When an Expanding Wild lands on any of your reels, it will expand and cover a reel from top to bottom. With this, you can create more combinations on the reels, allowing you to increase your wins. 

If you are looking for this kind of gameplay, you should try Book of Dead by Play’n GO. In this casino slot, the game chooses a random symbol and transforms it into an Expanding Wild that will cover an entire reel. If you happen to land 5 Expanding John Wilde symbols, you can get a payout of 5,000x your wager!

  1. Wild reels

Wild reels are similar to Expanding Wilds since they can both cover an entire reel. However, Wild reels land as a single icon, then depending on its location, it will fill only half or a quarter of the reel. Despite this, it can still help you create winning combinations across your reels.

Play Danger High Voltage by Big Time Gaming, so you can experience the fun of Wild Reels! In this game, you have 4,096 ways to win and you can get two types of Wilds which are the Wild Fire and Wild Electricity. Additionally, landing the Wild Electricity on your reels will multiply all your winnings by 6!

  1. Sticky wilds

As its name suggests, Sticky Wilds stick onto the reels while the rest of the reels spin. This Wild’s feature varies on every game, but its general idea is that it will keep appearing on your reels and stick around for some time

To have an idea of how this works, you should try the casino slot Jammin Jars by Push Gaming. The Sticky Wild symbol will land on the reels during the Free Spins feature. Moreover, you can get Free Spins by landing 3 Wild Symbols on the reels!

  1. Stacked wilds

Stacked wilds are consecutive wild symbols that land on top of each other. They can come in pairs of two or three, and they can even occupy a whole reel in some games. With this kind of wild symbol, you can create more winning combinations than without! 

Land this Wild symbol in the casino slot Royal Masquerade by Play’N GO. In this casino slot, you will see that there are only three rows and five reels, which means that the Stacked Wild can appear as a trio. But sometimes, this symbol can appear as a single when you spin the reels.

  1. Spreading wilds

Spreading Wilds have the same concept as Expanding Wilds, but the difference lies in the direction of the expansion. For spreading wilds, it expands horizontally across the columns, and it can reach about 2 or more reels, which can multiply your winnings exponentially. However, the Spreading Wild symbol can occur in different ways depending on the game mechanics of each slot game.

Experience the fun Spreading Wilds when you play Testament by Yggdrasil. This casino slot has different songs playing throughout the game and each one has an incorporated unique feature. For Dark Roots of Earth, the Wild symbol will extend either up or down. Meanwhile, the reels expand to 4–5-6-5-4 during Throne of Thorns and all Wild symbols are frozen in place during Cold Embrace.

  1. Rolling wilds

One of the newest additions to the kinds of Wilds is the Rolling Wilds symbol. When you play a casino slot that has this, the Wild symbol can land anywhere on the reels and move one position downwards every time you spin.

  1. Shifting wilds

Shifting Wilds are similar to Sticky Wilds since they both stay in place on the reels after a few spins. However, Shifting Wilds move into a different place after every spin, which can help you create winning combinations in other areas! Additionally, Shifting Wilds are also known as Moving Wilds.

See this Wild symbol for yourself when you play Wild Christmas by Stakelogic! The Shifting Wild will land when you play the Crazy Wild Game where you will receive Free Spins. 

  1. Wilds with multipliers

Some casino slots have Wild symbols that include multipliers. This will only replace any symbol on the reels but also multiply your winnings at the end of every spin! Moreover, it depends on the game on how much the Wild symbol can multiply your rewards. For some, it can increase as you keep playing. 

Try playing Spicy Meatball Megaways by Big Time Gaming! In this casino slot, there is what you call a Wild Meatball in which its starting multiplier is based on the pot where it comes from. Additionally, its value increases as it moves down on the reels. 

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