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Discover the benefits of crypto gambling

Online casinos have always made sure that transactions are always accessible for players. This is why various payment options are available such as bank transfers, top-up options, and debit and credit cards. These payment methods allow punters to have a seemingly flawless gaming experience. 

However, most third-party institutions such as banks and financial services often discriminate against casino-related transactions, which can sometimes cause hassle on players’ end. This is where cryptocurrency comes into play. 

Since cryptocurrencies are decentralised and can be done through peer-to-peer, it eliminates the presence of middle-men, eliminating the burden that can befall on players who want to enjoy their gaming experience. 

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What is crypto gambling?

At its core, crypto gambling means using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple and more to play games. Usually, players who want to evade the hassles and expensive fees of transacting using bank transfers and financial institutions opt for using digital assets for their funds. Additionally, it comes with a lot of advantages that players can benefit from. 

Benefits of crypto gambling 

Crypto gambling features a lot of benefits that players can maximise to make their experience more enjoyable. Here are some of them: 


Most often than not, online casinos use debit and credit cards for payments, which can take a while because of numerous bank errors and mishaps. One way to avoid those from happening is to change your method of transacting. 

Using cryptocurrency is a fast method to play online casino games because of crypto’s transnational and decentralised nature. It eliminates third party approvals which may take a few hours to finish.

The cherry on top of all these is that when you hit wins and jackpot prizes when playing online casino games, these will all be immediately transferred to your e-wallet. This is an excellent way of receiving funds compared to debit and credit cards, where you have to confirm to your bank whether or not the money was transferred. 


When paying using your credit or debit card, you expose yourself to people who may try to gain access to your personal information. Filling up bank forms online means a lot of your data will be visible to the establishment, which can put you at risk if their system gets compromised. 

The good thing is that using cryptocurrency provides anonymity. This is because you do not need to submit any personal data and keep transactions private. Just keep in mind that the only thing that will be made public is your public key address, but other than that, you’re as secure as can be. 


There’s no denying that fraud can happen anytime and anywhere, even in online casinos. And to protect yourself from fraudsters, using cryptocurrency to gamble is your best bet. Cryptocurrency runs on a blockchain where a public ledger is used to store all data. And what’s great about this so-called ledger is that it’s protected by cryptographic codes that can’t be untangled easily. Additionally, crypto wallets used for payments can be further secured by 2FAs and other security measures.

Rewarding bonuses

Bonuses are available in numerous online casino games that offer punters a better gaming experience by increasing their odds of winning bigger payouts. 

There are numerous types of bonuses and what’s even better is that game providers will give you better payouts when you use cryptocurrency. One of the reasons is that most games have special promotions for crypto compared to the standard deposit and payment methods. 


There are countless fees when purchasing something online, and no one wants to add another buck to their expenses. Using crypto to gamble is one of the best ways to be cost-effective and eliminate expensive fees since it can be used peer-to-peer.

Absence of restrictions 

It’s hard to gamble online when a country prohibits your favourite casino games, making it more difficult for you to transfer funds since you won’t be allowed to send any money due to restrictions. 

The good news is that using cryptocurrencies when gambling eliminates strict rules implemented by the government. Meaning you can transfer your cryptos from wallet to wallet without worrying whether you are breaking the rules or not. 

Game variety

Online casino providers have been developing blockchain technology in their games for a better gaming experience and bigger payouts. And  What’s even better is that numerous games accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. 

Best cryptocurrency coins for online gaming

There are various cryptocurrencies out there, and choosing which one can be quite the challenge. To help you out with your journey, check out some of the current top-performing tokens in the market:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin uses peer to peer technology that eliminates third-party apps and allows users to have fast transactions. Additionally, the ‘world’s digital gold’ has already proved itself a worthy token since it’s recognised by a lot of online casinos. As of writing, one BTC costs $39,008.73 with a market capitalisation of $740,680,109,935, the highest among all cryptocurrencies in the market. 

Ethereum (ETH)

The unique feature of Ethereum is that users may develop decentralised apps or ‘dApps’ that operate on the blockchain in the same way that software works on a computer. Currently, Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency globally, behind only Bitcoin. With a market value of $325,331,768,794, one ETH is presently worth $2,713.54.


The Binance coin, or ‘BNB’ is the primary currency used on the Binance trading platform and is known for its lightning-fast transaction. As of this writing, this crypto can handle 1.4 million transactions per second. It is currently priced at  $388.31 for 1 BNB with a market value of $64,275,086,636.

Cardano (ADA)

Decentralised financial applications that can create new digital currencies and games with a more sustainable smart contract execution are what Cardano promises to give as the next generation extension of Ethereum. Currently, 1 ADA costs  $0.9579 with a market value of $32,427,714,555. 

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Digital assets usher in new frontiers of gaming that will revolutionise the industry as we know it. With its promising technology, more and more innovations will soon follow to make gambling more exciting for players. What are you waiting for? Jump into the crypto train and discover new ways to make your casino experience more memorable here at Casino Days India! 

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