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All about Binance exchange: Your key to better investments!

Got any plans to join the crypto trend? If you have, then there is no better platform for you to try out to see how far your digital investments can go than Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange platform. As a well-known exchange company, Binance can provide you with the security your assets need.

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What makes Binance the best option for you?

When it comes to finding the perfect platform for your trades, you need to consider plenty of things including the percentage of fees that would be charged for your trades, the options for tokens you can exchange and the security of the platform you are using. 

Let’s see if Binance can satisfy your criteria for the perfect trading platform below: 

Cryptocurrency options  

There are more than 365 cryptocurrency options available for you in Binance. This is more than what most exchange platforms can offer. Of course, you should consider your location since some tokens may not be available in your country for trade. 

What’s wonderful about Binance is that they also offer a variety of fiat options including EUR, USD, AUD, HKD, GBP and INR. As for digital tokens, you can expect all the top cryptocurrencies to be available for trade here. This includes BTC, DASH, COMP, LTC, ETH, ADA and more. 

Trading experience 

Binance makes trading easy for beginners and exciting for seasoned traders since they give multiple options for trades and investment. The variety of trading tools combined with real-time charting tools makes it easier for traders to make the best decision for their assets.


The security feature of Binance includes address whitelisting, device management, a two-factor authenticator (2FA) using the Google Authenticator app or short message service (SMS) and an ability to restrict device access on your accounts to prevent tampering of data. 

As for the users based in the US, your account is provided with FDIC insurance to help you feel more secure with your assets.

Customer service 

Three customer support options are available in Binance and the first of these is email assistance where you fill out a form on the Binance page before you can receive the help that you need. 

The second option is for you to reach out to Binance through their Twitter account @BinanceHelpDesk. You can tweet your issues here and the Binance team would respond to you right away. 

The final and easiest option is to reach out to Binance through the chat box at the bottom right corner of the Binance page.  


The exchange is known not just for being the largest in the world but also for its lowest rate fees in the industry. 

Binance offers a maker/taker structure, so you can expect that the rate of your fees would change depending on the trading volume and Binance coin (BNB) balance. In short, you would have lower fees if you have a high trading volume. 

Here’s a list of payment types in Binance along with their corresponding fees: 

  • Wallet – N/A
  • Debit cards – 4.5%
  • ACH transfer – Free 
  • Wire transfer – $15 for US users 
  • Crypto conversion – N/A
  • Trades – 0.00% to 0.1%
  • Buy/sell crypto – 0.50%.

Services offered by Binance 

Now that you have an idea of Binance’s features, let’s see what services Binance offers that attract users to their platform below:

Trading options

Binance focuses its efforts on the platform for trading. There are multiple trading options below and each of them is created to satisfy your specific needs in the market. Check them out and see which option suits your investment best: 

  • Spot trading – This is the best option for you if you want an on the spot trading where you can instantly exchange your digital token with a buyer or a seller. 
  • Margin trading – This is where you can trade with leverage of up to 10x on some of your crypto coins. There are two options for margin trading in Binance: cross margin and isolated margin.
    Cross margin is where you put your entire margin account balance on the line, while isolated margin is where your potential losses are limited to a single trading pair. 
  • Binance futures – Binance futures has leveraged trading of up to 125x to increase your possible profits. It also allows you to speculate on the price of popular crypto-assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more! 
  • Binance derivatives – These are known as the leverage tokens that support the Up and Down contract betting on the price of a certain digital coin for a leveraged exposure without the high risks of liquidation.

Financing options

The Binance exchange platform also features multiple financing options for its users including the following: 

  • Binance savings – This financing option allows you to return to your idle funds using locked or flexible account types. 
  • Binance smart pool – This option allows you to receive high profits by auto-switching your hash rate to mine different currencies with the same algorithm. Since Binance smart pool supports the SHA256 algorithm, you can switch your hash rates to BTC, BCH and BSV automatically! 
  • Binance Visa card – This holds your cryptocurrency in your crypto wallet and only converts the amount that you need for your transactions. This card allows you to use your digital assets in stores that accept Visa purchases. 
  • Crypto loans – This is where you can loan an amount in the form of BUSD and USDT, which will then be collateralized with ETH and BTC. 
  • Binance Liquid Swap – This is an automated market-maker (AMM) that allows you to trade large digital assets with less slippage, stable prices and lower fees.  

Join the Binance community today! 

Be part of the biggest crypto ecosystems in the world and sign up to Binance today. Take your first step on your crypto journey and venture into different ways that you can level up your investment using the Binance app.

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